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Methods of payment


A- Payment for Products purchased on the Website can be made using the payment methods described in the following paragraphs. Some payment methods may not be used due to the type of Product purchased and/or the method of delivery or shipping. In the event that any of these methods cannot be used in relation to a specific Product, this will be clearly indicated on the Website at the latest at the beginning of the purchase process.


A.1 Credit card


A.1.1 Payment of Products purchased on the Website can be made by credit card directly through the Website. Haumea accepts VISA, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Maestro credit cards. Accepted credit cards are, in any case, indicated, in the footer of each page of the Website. The Total Amount Due by the user to Haumea is charged at the time of submission of the order.


A.1.2 In order to ensure the security of payments made on the Website and prevent any fraud, Haumea reserves the right to ask the user, by e-mail, to send, by the same means, a two-sided copy of your identity card and in the event that the holder of the order is different from the holder of the card, of the latter's identity card. The document must be valid. The request e-mail will specify the deadline within which the document must be sent to Haumea. This deadline shall not, in any case, exceed 5 working days from receipt of the request by the user. Waiting for the requested document, the order will be suspended. The user is obliged to send the required documents within the specified period.


A.1.3 In the event that Haumea does not receive such documents within the term specified in the request e-mail or receives expired or invalid documents, the contract shall be deemed terminated by law pursuant to and for the effects referred to in Art. 1456 C.C., and the order shall be consequently cancelled, except for Haumea's right to compensation for any damage that it may ask due to the user's inconsistent behaviour. Termination of the contract, of which the user will be notified by e-mail, no later than 5 working days from the expiry of the deadline for sending the documents requested by Haumea, will result in the cancellation of the order with consequent reimbursement of the Total Amount Due, if paid, according to the provisions of Art. 10.3. In the event of timely receipt by Haumea of the valid documentation requested, the delivery terms applicable to the Product will start from the date of receipt of such documentation.


A.1.4 Haumea uses the secure payment service of Banca Sella, which uses the SSL security protocol. The confidential credit card details (card number, holder, expiration date, security code) are encrypted and transmitted to the payment provider. Therefore, Haumea never has access to and does not store the credit card data used by the user to pay for the Products.


A.3 Paypal


A.3.1 Without prejudice to the provisions of Art. A.02 above, the payment of Products purchased on the Website can be made using PayPal. If the user chooses PayPal as a means of payment, he will be re-directed to the website www.paypal.it where he will pay for the Products according to the procedure provided for and governed by PayPal terms and conditions of contract agreed by the user with PayPal. The data entered on the PayPal website will be processed directly by the PayPal website and will not be transmitted or shared with Haumea. Therefore, Haumea is not able to know and does not store in any way the data of the credit card linked to the user's PayPal account or the data of any other payment instrument connected with such an account.


A.3.2 In the case of payment by PayPal, the Total Amount Due will be charged by PayPal to the user at the time of the conclusion of the online contract. In the event of termination of the purchase agreement and in any other case of refund, for any reason, the amount of the refund will be credited to your PayPal account. The recrediting time on the payment instrument linked to that account depends solely on PayPal and the banking system. Once the credit order has been placed in favour of such account, Haumea cannot be held responsible for any delays or omissions in crediting the refund amount to the user, for dispute which the user will have to contact PayPal directly.

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